Authentic and true

Drawn out of the ancient soils of southern Australia our grapevines are grown in pristine, clean environments by people who care for the land.

They are pruned, watered, nurtured and hand tended until the peak of ripeness.

Then only the best fruit is selected by our multi-award winning winemaker, who squeezes the essence of our country into our wines.

In a world of manufactured, industrialised and sanitised wine Growers Gate stands alone.

Authentic and true, these wines are the honest reflection of a grower’s work.

Australian sunshine and a pristine environment

Wine grapes have been grown along the banks of Australia’s mightiest waterway, the River Murray for more than 100 years.

With long days of balmy sunshine, clean waters and a pristine environment that is home to kangaroos, emus and millions of birds, this is the perfect place to grow wine.

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